VGOD Iced Mango Bomb 50mg

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VGOD Salt Nic USA eLiquid 30ml 50mg
Iced Mango Bomb

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VGOD Salt Nic USA eLiquid 30ml 50mg
Iced Mango Bomb


Blow your taste buds away with the abundance of juicy sweetness and cooling iced menthol finish. The brilliance of a fleshy ripened mango is often described as a hybrid of a pineapple and a less acidic orange with a hint of peach. Iced Mango Bomb is bursting with frosty fruit brilliance and masterfully blended for all refillable low wattage devices.

Rapidly developing the vape industry offers premium and extraordinary flavors, among which Mango Bomb Iced nicotine salt is remarkable.

Mango-powered flavoring with a slight touch of scattered menthol coolness takes control over your sensuality as you inhale. Slowly becoming more intense, every draw you take in gives you a blast of juicy mangoes that soak each taste bud followed by a refreshing minty release on exhale that will have you coming back for more.


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