Sad Boy Mango Ice 28mg

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Sad Boy Salt Nic USA eLiquid 30ml 28mg
Mango Ice

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Sad Boy Salt Nic USA eLiquid 30ml 28mg
Mango Ice

What happens when everyone’s favorite off-kilter brand takes a trip to a tropical island? Well, you end up with Mango Ice by SadBoy Salts 30ml, their latest and greatest offering. It combines succulent mangoes with brisk menthol and a generous amount of salt-based nicotine to guarantee that you feel satisfied in every sense of the word, truly. This fruit’s beaten in a way that coaxes out those golden juices in order for each pull to be as magnificently fresh as can be. And, the chilling sensation that follows will make you shiver deep in your bones.

Unleash that exotic elixir all over your thirsty tongue, and instantly find yourself in a whole other world. That fruitiness goes from bright and tangy to smooth and succulent when gliding over your palate. Plus, its juiciness soaks fully to put your thirst at ease. Once it’s time to exhale at last, a frosty sensation takes over, making it seems like you’ve been dunked into an icy bath on a hot day.


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