Mamasan Purple Cheesecake 30mg

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The Mamasan Salt Nic USA eLiquid 30ml 30mg
Purple Cheesecake

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The Mamasan Salt Nic USA eLiquid 30ml 30mg
Purple Cheesecake

For vapers out there, that yearn for something rich and possibly unique, do we have the perfect dessert vape for you. If you truly want to have your cake, in this case a nice cheesecake, and vape it to, then get ready satisfy that sweet tooth of yours with Purple Cheesecake by The Mamasan Salt. This one is gonna be spectacular because it won’t taste like a typical cheesecake you sometimes order from those fancy restaurants. Plus, its calorie-free.

Every inhale and exhale of this Philippine-style Ube Cheesecake gives your sweet tooth a blast of pure rich cake goodness that will have you savoring the flavor from start to finish.

Indulge in a decadent Filipino style dessert with Purple Cheesecake by The Mamasan Salt Nicotine. The Mamasan Salt has got your sweet tooth cravings covered with this delicious flavor consisting of savory cheesecake infused with sweet Filipino Ube giving it a unique and rich flavor. Just one puff of Purple Cheesecake and it can very well be your next all day vape.

On inhale of The Mamasan Salt Purple Cheesecake a smooth wave of purple Ube will flood your taste buds providing a gently sweet sensation. Following, an exhale of delicious and savory cheesecake will reveal itself giving your sweet tooth ultimate sanctification. The Mamasan’s Purple Cheesecake provides any vape enthusiast a unique dessert taste.


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