Mamasan Mango Lychee Ice 30mg

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The Mamasan Salt Nic USA eLiquid 30ml 30mg
Mango Lychee Ice

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The Mamasan Salt Nic USA eLiquid 30ml 30mg
Mango Lychee Ice

It’s time for a tropical journey with Mango Lychee Ice Salt Mamasan. Pack your bag pack and hit the road for this wonderful and heaven-like experience. Once you draw vapors, exotic notes of juicy mangos and lychees tease your palate and water your mouth. Taste buds wait for an exotic dose to receive. Your journey is one-way because the richness of fruity notes along with menthol icy coolness won’t let you get back soon.

Mango Lychee Ice by The Mamasan Salt offers a delightful flavor profile that will definitely quench your tastes. This marvelous blend of flavors brings together a fantastic trio of mangoes, lychee, and ice-cold menthol. It’s surely an all-day vape that will become one of your most-loved flavors.

What does The Mamasan Salt Mango Lychee Ice vape juice taste like? Mango Lychee Ice by The Mamasan Salt delivers a satisfying flavor experience that is one you wouldn’t ever tempt to question. It offers an exciting taste that combines a delicious mango with an exotic lychee flavor while infusing a cool menthol to create one refreshing vape. You’ll truly appreciate this flavor and all that it has to offer as the flavors combine in your mouth and you exhale the cool mango and lychee vapor.

Mango Lychee Ice presents quite the flavorsome vape we’re sure everyone will fall in love with. Each puff that you take is one that you’ll savor and want to relive over and over. The mango, lychee, and menthol mixture is definitely something you’ll appreciate from the very beginning.


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