Dinner Lady Cola Shades 30mg

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Dinner Lady Salt Nic UK eLiquid 30ml 30mg
Cola Shades

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Dinner Lady Salt Nic UK eLiquid 30ml 30mg
Cola Shades

Cola Ice serves up a burst of refreshing cola flavour followed up with a hint of zesty lemon and a touch of ice on the exhale. Thanks to its nicotine salt formula, Cola Ice Nic Salt delivers unbelievable satisfaction with a smooth inhale. If you’re looking for a classic cola flavour with a citrus twist, Dinner Lady Cola Shades Nic Salt is a must-try.

For vapers that just want a cool and quenching vape flavor while laying in the shade during those hot summer months, you’re in luck. Cola Shades SALT – Vape Dinner Lady E-Liquid 30ml is easily the most refreshing ejuce that you’ll find. This cola vape juice -inspired treat quenches the thirst. Not only that, it cools down the tongue and makes the mouth simply water. How? All thanks to a squeeze of zesty lemon. You’ll be blown away by how much each puff tastes just like the real thing.

Every inhale provides your tongue with that syrupy soda flavor that you love. Its bubbly nature invigorates you while the refreshing taste quenches your thirst. On the exhale, your tongue will be cooled down by a blast of ice while that twist of lemon exhilarates.


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