Cola Man Vanilla 24mg

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Cola Man Salt Nic USA eLiquid 30ml 24mg

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Cola Man Salt Nic USA eLiquid 30ml 24mg

Did you think the original Cola Man E-Juice couldn’t get any better? Well, check out Cola Man Vanilla! With a creamy touch of Vanilla is Cola rendition offers a delicious and unique twist on a classic flavor.

Looking for some additional layers of cola-flavored sweetness with a perfect creamy touch to make you smile? If so,there’s no need to run over to the market to experience that.

Take in those sweet but subtle vanilla-like notes that tingle the tongue and awaken each taste bud to something rich. Next, that well-known sugary n’ bubbly soda pod sends your palate on a ride filled with intense vaping goodness once enough vapor starts to slowly escape from your lips. You’ll still savor this flavor long after the vapor has escaped your lips, making it that more uplifting during those sessions.


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